Revoice is a media and entertainment company.

We produce podcasts and original audio content, and live events.






We’re in the early stages of a new media content revolution. Podcasting, as a form of entertainment, news, and information has taken hold of listeners everywhere, empowering brands and individuals to distribute their ideas to anyone that tunes in. Podcast audiences have proven to be the most engaged, loyal audiences and the medium continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Direct-to-Your Audience

Audio is a compelling way to speak to your audience, discover ideas, and engage in conversation. The challenge is creating original, broadcast quality content that is worth listening to. And that’s where we come in.

We then elevate the conversation by bringing the audio content to life through live events and experiences.

Revoice was founded to capture the culture of music and entertainment. What began as a podcast for drummers in 2013 has expanded into a platform for artists to tell their stories and amplify their creative work. In addition to crafting audio content, we produce companion video and social content.

Revoice is a creative incubator, developing ideas with clients for new shows, live events, and marketing campaigns to drive audience growth and engagement.

The Team




Multiplatinum pop star Andy Grammer hosts The Good Parts Podcast, an in-depth interview show with some of the most interesting entertainers, artists, and personalities of our time. Imagine Dragons lead vocalist Dan Reynolds is Andy's guest in Episode 1.


Drummer's Resource Episode 404: Eric Leiderman, producer for Late Night With Seth Meyers, shares his journey from drummer to TV producer, booking some of the greatest drummers in the world to fill the late night drum throne.

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